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In the NBA, the first team to win an NBA title are the Philadelphia Warriors. Led by their guard"Jumpin' Joe" Fulks who won the regular season scoring title at 23.2 points per game, they went on to beat the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1 in the Finals during the 1946-1947 season.

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Q: Which Team of basketball Won the first basketball title?
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Which team won the first women's NCAA basketball title?

Florida won in both 2006 and 2007.

What NCAA basketball team has never won the title?

A lot of them. There are 336 division 1 teams.

What percent of basketball games are won by the team that scores first?


Which team is the most recent team to repeat as National Champions?

The University of Florida men's basketball team won the NCAA title in 2006 and 2007.

Who won the NBA title 2011?

The Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Tile. It is their first title in team history

Which team won the first ever NBA championship in 1950?

the team that won the very first NBA title in 1950 was the Minneapolis Lakers who won the NBA title 4-2 over the Syracuse Nationals

Has university of southern California ever won an ncaa mens basketball title?

USC has never won an NCAA basketball title.

Which team won the mens NCAA basketball championship in 1983?

The Wolfpack!! North Carolina State University won their second NCAA title.

Which team won the first men's NCAA basketball tournament?

i think it was Georgetown

Which NCAA basketball team won the first national championship?

Oregon ducks won the first National Championship in 1939.

What team won the first EPL?

Manchester United won the first Premier League title, in 1992/3.

Who won the first March Madness?

The first march madness has held in 1939 which is won by the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team.

Which team won the first Premier League title?

Man Utd, in 1993.

Which women's basketball team won the first NBA championschip?

There are no women's teams in the NBA.

What NBA team won the very first basketball game?

yo mama hahahah

Who won the NCAA basketball title in 1997?


Who won the ncaa basketball title in 2009?


What team won the first NBA title?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA Championship in 1947 by defeating the Chicago Stags.

Who won the basketball championship in 1970?

New York Knicks won the NBA Title in 1970 UCLA won the NCAA Title

How many NCAA basketball championships has Kansas won?

The men's basketball team has won three championships: 1952, 1988 and 2008. The women's basketball team has never won the NCAA championship.

What college football team won the first bowl championship series title?


Which team won the NCAA title in their first final four appearance in 1999?


Has Texas basketball won a national title?

There has been only one team from Texas to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Texas Western (now UTEP) in 1966.

Which team won the 2010 playoffs for basketball?

The team that won the 2010 playoffs were the Phoenix Suns.

What NBA basketball team won the championships in 1991?

The bulls won