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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Which Greek god were the ancient Olympics dedicated to?
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Olympics was dedicated to which god?

In the ancient Olympics, the event was dedicated to god Zeus by the Greek people. The Olympics was held in the Olympia plains of Peloponnesus, Greece.

Did Heracles invent the Olympics?

No-one one knows exactly how the Olympics was started. All we know is that they were dedicated to the ancient greek god, Zeus.

What Greek God was the Ancient Olympics held in honor of?

The ancient Olympics were held in honor of the Greek god Zeus, primarily.

What is the name of the Greek god that Olympics were dedicated to?


Why did ancient Greece have the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks held the Olympics in honour of the Greek God Zeus.

How did Greek mythology effect Olympics?

One way the Ancient Greek Olympics were affected by the Greek mythology, was that the Olympics were performed in honor of their king god, Zeus.

What is the name of the god you most associate with the Olympics?

For the ancient Olympics any of the ancient Greek gods, particularly Zeus. For modern Olympics whichever is the god of your belief system.

Who was the ancient Olympics games held for?

The greek god Zeus

Which god was the Olympics games of ancient Greek sacred to?

Zeus god of the sky and lightning

Who was the Greek god honored by the Ancient Olympic Games?

Zeus was honored in the Olympics

Who is the father of the Greek gods to whom the ancient Olympics?

the greek god of chaos was the first and father of the other gods

Which ancient Greek god were the ancient Olympics to celebrate?

well.... they originally started to honor zeus, king of the gods.

What Greek god started the ancient Greek sports?

There wasnt a god directly dedicated to the sports but in sporting festivities like Olympic games and Panathinea, Zeus and Athena were celebrated.

What has changed between ancient and modern olympics?

The ancient Olympics were always held in Olympia, Greek. It wasn't just a sport festival, but a religious festival. Greek people held it every four years as an honour to the Greek God Zeus, and kill 100 oxen

Why did ancient Greece event the Olympics?

Because the people of Ancient Greece wanted to honour the Greek god Zeus, king of the gods.

Why were the Ancient Olympics held?

To honor Zeus the Greek god.As a celebration to the god Zeus.

Who was the god that was celerbrated at the ancient greek olympics?

The god who was honored at the ancient Olympic Games was Zeus. Zeus was the supreme god and god of the sky and thunder. According to myth, Zeus and and his son Heracles founded the Games.

Why were the ancient Olympics started?

The Olympics were started as a ceremony honoring Zeus, the Greek god. One theory is that a cook had won a race of three and a half miles, starting the Olympics. :)

What are five top similarities between ancient and modern Olympics?

Similarities 1. Held every four years 2. There are many of the same events 3. They compete Differences 1. Only men could compete in ancient Olympics 2. Ancient Olympics were held to honor the ancient Greek god, Zeus 3. They didn't have ice skating, bobsledding, or the luge in ancient Olympics 4. In the ancient Olympics the men had to compete nude

Who is the Greek god or goddess of sports?

Since the Greek gods and goddesses were from long ago there is no Greek god or goddess of sports but if meaning like the Olympics it would be Zeus because, the Olympics were dedicated to him. Above is one idea. Here is another idea Nike is the Greek goddess victory and the one that many consider to be the Greek Goddess of sports.

Who were the ancient Olympic games dedicated to?

The Ancient Olympic Games were dedicated to Zeus, the God of Gods.

Which ancient greek invented the Olympics?

The actual origins are lost in pre-history. Ancient tradition was that the Games were instituted by the demi-god Herakles (i.e. Hercules).

What events did the women do in the ancient Greek Olympics?

None. The Olympic Games were a celebration of the god eus at Olympia, and were the province of males.

Who started the ancient Olympics and how and where?

The Greek city-state of Elis in southern Greece as a celebration to the god Zeus at Olympia in their territory.

Who started the ancient Olympics?

The southern Greek city-state of Elis in southern Greece as a celebration to the god Zeus at Olympia.