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i belive that wil be Manchester United.

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Q: Which English soccer club has won most league championships?
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Which soccer club has won the most English league titles in a row?


Who is lampard?

Frank Lampard is professional English Premier League soccer player for Chelsea football club.

What soccer club has won the most number of championships?

Manchester united and Liverpool have both won the top English divsion 18 times.

Where is the Carlton Football Club located?

The Carlton Football Club is located in Melbourne, Austraila, and has existed since 1897. This football club (soccer to Americans) is one of the most successful in the league, having won sixteen championships.

Who is steven gerrad?

Steven Gerrad is an english premier league soccer player who plays for Liverpool Football Club.

What league is palermo soccer club in?

The Italian Serie A.

Who is the richest soccer club in the Champions League?

Real Madrid

What or who are the Bristol Rovers?

The Bristol Rovers are an English football club (soccer team) founded in 1883 (originally the Black Arabs). The club currently plays in League Two, which is actually the fourth-highest level of English football competition. The highest level is the Premier League, followed by the Football League Championship, followed by League One.

What is club soccer?

Club soccer is "soccer" between clubs, or as they may be known in North America, franchises. Club soccer generally takes the form of domestic leagues - for example the Premier League, Major League Soccer, the Hyundai A-League, et cetera. It differs from international "soccer" which is played between national sides - for example the World Cup, the European Championship, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, et cetera.

How many people on major league soccer team?

A Major League Soccer club's active roster is comprised of up to 30 players.

When was the football club Arsenal founded?

The Arsenal Football Club was originally founded in 1886. The Arsenal FC plays football (or American soccer) in the English Premier League, in Holloway, London.

What is a soccer or football youth club?

One soccer or football youth club would be the P.A.L Program. It stands for Police Activity League Program.

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