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Glasgow Rangers Football Club 54 titles

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Q: Which soccer team holds the world record for the most domestic league titles?
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Who holds the world record for football league titles?

Glasgow Rangers FC - Scotland They hold the record with 54 League Titles Followed by Linfield FC - Northern Ireland They are 2nd with 50 League Titles

Who hold's the record for the most league titles?

In England the most titles is now held by Manchester United with 19 titles

Which English rangers player won 3 league titles different clubs?


How many trophies have juventus won altogether?

What titles do you mean? Serie A --> 29 [Record] (27 if you remove the two titles taken away becausse of Calcipoli) Champions League --> 2 Coppa Italia -->9 [Record]

What soccer club won three consecutive league titles in the 1930s?

Arsenal, from 1933-35.

How many titles does Rangers FC have?

i think that rangers have 52 titles in the top league. This is a Guinness world record

How many champion league fc real Madrid have won?

Real Madrid hold the record of 9 champion league titles.

What is the top soccer team in Liverpool?

as of the standings of the 08/09 season Manchester United.

What soccer team has won the most domestic club honours in the world?

Linfield FC of Northern Ireland--49 titles (feel free to verify this)

How many premier league titles man utd has?

Manchester United have won 18 league titles, and are hoping to make it a record 19 this season.

Who has the most champion league cups?

Liverpool have won the most English Domestic Trophies with 43 major titles.

How many Barclay's league titles do Arsenal and Chelsea have?

Arsenal has 13 league titles and Arsenal has 4 league titles.