Best Answer has great values on a wide array of soccer card products.

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Q: Where would you find soccer card values?
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How much is the Pedro borbon baseball card worth?

Go to to find out many card values. I would be suprised if it wasn't there!

What is a chipper Jones prime prospect card worth?

There are a million factors that determin card values. Is it graded? If not, then the value will likely not be very high. You can find card values via

Where would I find reliable motorcycle values?

You can find reliable motorcycle values on a website called Another place to find some information would be and

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squish it!

Where do you find a list of the values of complete unopened baseball card sets?

Baseball Card Checklist and Price GuideSee Related Links below for a baseball card checklist that includes all the major card companies, miscellaneous sets, values for complete sets, and sealed factory sets.

On which card would you find a game port on a computer?

A game card.

How do you find out basketball card values for free? This page publishes free values daily for past sales transactions on eBay in the past week, month and all time.

How do you find a price of a baseball card?

Beckett baseball card value guide is somewhat accurate, but the most accurate baseball card values can be found by searching completed auctions on ebay.

How much would a Pokemon card be if it had kp and not hp?

It depends on if there are multiple copies of this card, and the year. It could range to an extra two dollars, to over a thousand. It all depends on the card. Search for the specific error card online to see if there are in fact more copies. The site you find it on should have specific money values for the card.

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On a soccer field, but really it would be easier to ask where you can find bats as that would be a much shorter list.

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What metric unit would you use to find the length of a soccer field?


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