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"A person could buy UFC training equipment in gyms, or specialty stores such as BIG 5 Sporting goods, or even wholesale stores such as Costco. Many places online sell UFC training equipment, such as TITLEMMA."

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โˆ™ 2011-12-08 13:42:43
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Q: Where would a person buy UFC training equipment?
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How do I get a job with the UFC?

There are many types of jobs a person can get with the UFC. If a person wants to be a fighter, they need to put in a lot of training but a person can also work in the sales department, marketing group and events department.

How much does UFC training cost?

Their is no UFC training; it is called MMA and it varies depending on where you live and who is teaching.

What is the future outlook for a UFC fighter?

It varies by person, I would imagine.

Where do they sell UFC equipment?

They sell everything on the internet

How much would a ufc fighter make a year?

depending on the person... i swear

Who would win a UFC fighter or a sumo?

ufc fighter

How bad would a UFC fighter hurt the average person?

Theres no chance for the average person except a really good sucker punch. Once a UFC fighter squares off,his boxing skills would come into play,and if he clinches the tapout would be within one minute.

How old should you be to start training for UFC?

14 is when you can start mma classes

What would you have to do to be a UFC fighter?

UFC takes people from lesser promotions. So i would recommend finding a good training camp near you. There are a lot of UFC fighter's gyms around the world. Most notable would be Sit yod tong in Boston, Greg Jackson in Arizona, American Top team Cali and Tampa. But wherever you are there should be a major camp near by. I recommend getting to a major camp that has had UFC fighters before. Get into local productions win fast and make it a show. The UFC will come to you then. Best of luck

Who would win in a fight a UFC or wrestler?

a ufc would win because wwe is sometimes fake.

Who would win a sumo or a UFC fighter?

ufc fighter definetely a sumo wrestler

Who was the youngest person to win the UFC light heavyweight champion?

Jon Jones is the person who holds the record currently for the youngest UFC Champion in history. He is the current reigning light heavyweight champion in UFC. He won the title in March 2011 when he was only 24 years old making him the youngest person to ever win a UFC Championship.

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