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An NFL football player works at their training facility. They don't do much "work" but they practice nearly everyday.

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Q: Where would a football player work at?
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What are the typical work hours for a football player?

The typical work hours for a football player during football season is about 4 hours. When it is game day, the hours will be more.

What is a football player work schedule?

Eat, sleep, football.

Did Ronald Reagan work as a professional football player?

No - but he was a radio sportscaster. He lettered in college football at tiny Eureka College but was not a star player.

How often do football player work overtime?

very often

What is the nature of work for a NFL football player?

lift weights

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

What is the most expensiv football player?

At the momen the most expensive football player in the NFL would have to be Peyton Manning or Troy Polamalu

Who would win in a fight between a high school wrestler and a high school football player that are the same size?

The football player!

1st 200000 pound football player in English football?

It cant happen the player would die of heartattack or be to fat to move

Would I make jv or varsity football?

It All depends on how skillful of a football player you are

Who is the second best football player?

If you mean American football i don't know, but if you mean just football the answer would be Messi or Ronaldo. It would be one of these to players because there is a debate going on about which player is better. Personally i think Ronaldo is better therefore, my opinion is Messi is the second best football player. I hope I have helped you with my answer.

Who is the best all around player in football?

the best all around football player would probaly be Adrian Peterson or troy palomaulo

How many days a week does a football player work?

About 45 days a week

What is cooler midget football or freshmen football?

I am a freshman football player but I would say midget football is cooler when you have a team like mine that always loses to them.

What is the job of a football player?

to play football That's an answer any man would be proud of.

Can a pro football player quit pro ball to enroll in college and play college football?

No, the player would lose is amateur status and no longer be eligible.

What is David Moyes skills?

David Moyes was a Scottish football player, but is not a manager. During his career he was the Center Back player, which he had to keep the opposing team from getting to the other players with the ball. He would work along side others to accomplish this. He has won many Championships from the set of skills he has playing football.

What to eat for lunch as a football player?

what football players would normally eat is thins that give them protein. Or they would generate fat to turn it into muscle.

Why is steven garard a good football player?

Natural talent, hard work and practice

How much do you travel when you are an NFL football player?

during football season i would say three times a week

What training is needed to become a pro football player?

You would need to go to football camp or something like that.

Would you date a football player?

WikiAnswers does not have time to date anyone but also does not discriminate against football players.

Where would you obtain education as a football player?

You only need to attend a school that has a football program, and make the team.

What does a football player do?

A professional football player is paid to be a part of a team that plays the game of football. Any football player has the goal of getting the football through the goal.

Can you create a player in NCAA football 10?

I would think so because madden10 you can create a player