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Skis weren't just found - they were invented. No single person is credited with the invention of the original ski. According to the International Skiing History Association, the first record of skis is from rock paintings and skis preserved in bogs that are at least 5,000 years old. These ancient skis were used by hunters and trappers.

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Q: Where were the first pairs of skis found?
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How have skis changed over the years?

the skis were made out of wooden back when they were first found now they are made out of fiberglass and over the years the skis have got shorter

How many skis does the average person use when skiing?

Two. If a person practiced several disciplines of skiing he might have several pairs of skis - maybe all-mountain, powder and telemark skis - but when you are on the mountain you'll take one pair of skis with you.

Can you still buy Olin skis?

Yes, they have many pairs available on ebay or amazon.

What came first skateboarding or snowboarding?

I think snowboarding! It was discovered after the idea of skis that has two pairs. Then the idea of a board with wheels are later realized after the winter season has ended.

What were the first skis made of?


What did the first skis look like?

They looked very much like the skis we use today.

What where the first skis made out of?

Skis were originally wooden planks made from a single piece of wood.

Do world cup skiers use the same skis as you buy?

Not unless you are a ski racer yourself, and were lucky enough to get top of the line equipment. World Cup skiers get the best race skis that their factory makes. They have many different pairs of the same type (downhill skis, for example) that they will test to see which are the fastest. Race skis are highly specialized and differ greatly from demo skis or skis that the public usually buys. You can see this reflected in the price. Race skis typically run $800-$1000 for the skis, not including bindings.

Where can one buy cross country skis?

I have found that some good websites for buying cross country skis are,,, etc. These are very reputable websites for skis

How old is the oldest pair of skis?

The oldest pair of skis were found in Hoting, Sweden and are estaimated to be about 5,000 years old by carbon dating.

What country played skiing first?

Skis were first invented in Norway.

When was the first pair of skis to come out?

year 1

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