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The first game of hockey was played at the Air Canada center.

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Q: Where was the first hockey game ever played in Canada?
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Have you ever played hockey. What tense is this?

This is a present perfect question.I have played hockey. Have you ever played hockey?

Has Canada olympic hockey team ever won gold in hockey before?

IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Patrick Roy ever win an Olympic gold metal in hockey?

No. He only played in 1998 and Canada did not medal that year.

When was the first game of hockey played?

The publication "Kings of the Ice - A History of World Hockey" reports the first ever organized hockey game played( meaning ON ICE) was in Nova Scotia Canada in 1865. The natives in Nova Scotia played a version of the old English game hurling which was renaimed Hockey for the British officer that invented the modified version of the game known originally as Hurling.According to this publication the only way a game using these rules could be classified as hockey was that it had to be played ON ICE.AnswerBritish Troops played a form of Ice Hockey in 1843 in Kingston Ontario Canada and is credited by the Candian Amature Hockey Association

Who was the first ever fashion designer?

the first fashion designer designed a special skirt for women which showed off their beautiful legs his name is noobaly gonzalis, and he also played hockey with the greatest hockey play ever, jackus dunfordus, with the tenby tigers

What Orrs have played professional hockey?

I believe Bobby Orr is the only Orr to ever have played pro hockey, at least in the US.

Which country is the second best in hockey?

Second best hockey team are those losers USA but what is important is CANADA,the best hockey team ever. -_- take that USA.

What sports were invented in Canada?

Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Ringette, Basketball, Curling, and Five-pin Bowling. The first ever documented games of North American Football and Baseball were also in Canada.

What was the greatest hockey game ever played?

hands down the greatest hockey game ever played 1980 Olympics USA vs ever see the movie Miracle well that's exactly what the game was

What country did the US hockey team defeat for the gold medal?

The men's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1960 and Russia in 1980. The women's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1998. Neither field hockey team has ever won a gold medal.

Who played in the first olympic ice hockey games?

Ice hockey debuted at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp. Seven countries sent teams to compete: Canada, United States, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, France, Belgium, and Switzerland The first ever Olympic ice hockey game was between Belgium and Sweden with Sweden winning, 8-0, on April 23, 1920. Canada won the gold medal, the U.S. won silver, and Czechoslovakia won bronze.

When was the first hockey game ever?

In Montreal, Quebec

What was the first sport to allow blacks to play?

Hockey, it first played by Revolutionist Chuck Norris who was so good at it that he turned black and became the first black athlete ever.

What is the history of hockey?

Hockey has been around for as long as 4000 years ago 1917-1918 was the first hockey season ever

Who is the best hockey player that ever played?

No question Wayne Gretzky

Did Sidney Crosby's family ever played hockey?

His father played goalie for the Montreal Canadiens.

When was the first cricket match?

The first ever cricket match was played in 1844.It was between Canada and usa.They played at st george cricket club in New York.

What if Wayne Gretzky never played hockey?

Mario Lemieux would have his rightful place as the best hockey player ever.

What is the greatest hockey player ever?

well the greatest hockey player that ever lived, played ford tenby tigers between 1962-1973 his name was jackus dunfordus ...

Has Nathan Kress ever been to Canada?

Yes, to film Gym Teacher and for a signing at a hockey game.

What team did the women's USA hockey team defeat to win their first ever Olympic gold medal?

The women's hockey team defeated their arch rival Canada in the 1998 winter Olympics to win the gold medal. The victory of the women's hockey team in the Olympics had a positive impact on the growth of women's hockey throughout the United States.

What is the name of the worlds first ever hockey stick?

The Rutherford Stick

When did India win its first ever gold in Olympic hockey?


Which two countries participated in the first ever international cricket match played in 1844?

canada and United states of america

What was the biggest ever win in Ice Hockey?

It was 92-0 in a women's Olympic game between japan and canada