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The first 1 is probably where it stared.Okinawa, Japan

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Q: Where was the first Karate school in the world?
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Who is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate Championship?

John Gaddy is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate title 1985 in Brisbane, Australia.

When was Karate High School created?

Karate High School was created in 2004.

What are the colours of karate belts?

it depends on the type of karate and the karate school you go to

What colour of the first belt do you get in karate?

Every school that I know of starts with a white belt.

Where can you study Tae Kwon Do Kung Fu and karate?

At a Taekwondo school, a Kung fu school, and a Karate school.

How do you say karate school in Japanese?

Karate dojo.

Where do karate teachers work?

karate school, or a dojo...

Which nation won the first world karate and kendo team world championships in 1970?


Which country first defeated Japan in the karate world championship?

Great Britain

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?

shotokan style

When was World Karate Federation created?

World Karate Federation was created in 1961.

When did the first Karate Kid come out?

The first Karate Kid came out in 1984.

Do all Asians know karate?

Of course not! Very few Asians know karate. First of all, Asia comprises half of the population of the world. Karate originated on a tiny island in the Pacific, influenced by Chinese and Japanese martial arts.

Where in the world did karate first come from?

Karate as we know it today originated on Okinawa, an island kingdom that is now a part of Japan. The natives there had an art called Tegumi - a sort of wrestling, that they combined with White Crane Kung Fu to create karate.

What style of karate was developed in the first half of the twentieth century?

The early 20th century introduced a few new types of karate to the world. The first Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio was opened in the early 1920s. Sambo was introduced in 1938. Even the term "karate" was not officially recognized until 1935.

When was World Union of Karate-do Organizations created?

World Union of Karate-do Organizations was created in 1970.

Who's Jay Chawda?

Jay Chawda (born in June 1997 in the UK) is a kyokushinkai karate champion both in Europe and in international tournaments. He is currently ranked 9th in the whole of Europe and he is ranked 302th in the whole world. He had started karate at the age of six at his local karate dojo and he was successful from his first tournament by coming first in the under 7's kumite tournament. In the 8 years that he has done karate he has won a total of 79 major tournaments including 2 European championships and coming 3rd in the under 13's world karate championships. Currently he is preparing to be the first British under 16 world champion ever. He is training for the annual world karate championships help in Japan in the summer this year. His biggest success came in the World championship qualifications for the 2012 world karate championships as he had beaten the current world number 1 Lui xiang of China. He had caused one of the biggest upset seen on a grand stage. From this one fight he had moved up the rankings from 568th in the world straight to 302th.

Who made Karate a sport?

World Karate Federation (WKF)

What is the Japanese name for the first kata in karate?

In Sanchi Ryu Karate, the Japanese name for the first kata in this style of Karate is kata-ichi (also called first series, first action). Hope this helps!

How did karate come to America?

Karate first came to America through immigrants from Japan and Okinawa. The first recorded exhibition was in 1932 in Hawaii. Servicemen coming back after World War 2 brought knowledge of the art and helped spread the art.

When was karate born?

The beginnings of karate are somewhat ambiguous. However, the art was developed as an empty-handed system in Okinawa during the time when it was forbidden to carry weapons. Modern karate is said to have been born during the early 20th century, specifically in 1922 when karate master, Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan style), brought karate to Japan from Okinawa and orchestrated the first public karate demonstration. From this point, karate spread to the rest of the world, becoming very popular.

How well-known is karate?

The world over everyone knows about karate

What Karate school did Taylor Lautner go to?

He went to Fabiano's Karate in Holland Michigan from 1997-2001.

Why is karate bad?

The only bad thing about karate is that if the school is not run properly there is a chance that someone will get hurt.