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It was held in France.

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Q: Where was the 2007 rugby world cup held or other Why is where was it?
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When was the rugby world cup held but the one before 2007?

2003 in Australia

Which country was the last rugby world cup held?

France hosted the 2007 World cup

Was there a rubgy world cup in 2008?

No. The rugby competition is held every 4 years, but the years were 2007, 2011,2015, and 2019. The winner of the 2007 Rugby World Cup final was South Africa, 15-6 over England.

Where is the rugby world championship?

The rugby world championship is held every four years and varies in where it is held each time. The latest championship for rugby union was held in France though.

Where is the Rugby World Cup currently being held?

The Rugby World Cup is being held in 2011 in New Zealand.

Where was the rugby world cup held last time?

Australia - League Code in 2008. France - Union Code in 2007

What are all the years the rugby world cup has been hosted?

The Rugby World Cup has been held 6 times so far. The first one was held in 1987, and every four years after, so 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

How many rugby world cups have there been?

The current Rugby World Cup is the Eighth. They are held every 4 years. The 1st was in 1987 then 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011

Did New zealand played with France rugby world cup held in France?

New Zealand played in the 2007 cup held in France The final was S. Africa and England

Where will the rugby world cup be held in 2011?

That cup will be held in New Zealand.

Where will the rugby world cup be held in 2015?


Where was the 1999 rugby World Cup played?

The Rugby World Cup competition of 1999 was held in Wales.