Where was rounders originated from?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Rounders was originated in England, the first game was played in 1884 first with formalised rules.

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Q: Where was rounders originated from?
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Is baseball a British game?

Baseball originated from a British game called rounders.

Where does rounders originate from?

it originated from Scotland because its a Scottish tradition and it was made up there.

Where was baceball invented?

Im not certain, but baseball came from the game "rounders" which originated from Britain

Did America invent baseball?

Yes and No Baseball originated from the game rounders which came from Europe. But America tweaked the game to what it is now

How do you say rounders in German?

Rounders is "Schlagball" in German.

What was the Production Budget for Rounders?

The Production Budget for Rounders was $12,000,000.

When was Rounders released?

Rounders was released on 09/11/1998.

What is so good about rounders?

Well, it is up to you if you like rounders or not so it depends on who is answering the question. I don't mind rounders but it isn't my favourite sport, so that is my opinion, it is up to you about what you think about rounders.