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The first SEC Championship game was played at Legion Field in 1992.

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Q: Where was first sec championship game played?
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What two teams played in 1982 SEC Championship?

The SEC did not have a championship game until 1992.

What city was the first sec championship game held?


When was the last time the Vanderbilt Commodores won the sec championship?

Never. The SEC Championship game originated in 1992, and Vanderbilt has never even been to the SEC Championship game.

Who has played in the SEC football Championship game in 2008?

In 2008 the teams were Alabama and Florida

Where is the SEC championship game held?


Who won the sec championship game 2011?

LSU defeated Georgia in the 2011 SEC championship game 42-10. The game's MVP was LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu

Who won the SEC Championship in 2006?

The University of Florida defeated the University of Arkansas 38-28 in the 2006 SEC championship game.

Who played in the first ever SEC football game?


Name a first year qb in the sec that led is team to a sec championship or national championship?

Danny Warfel, Florida

How many times did spurrier lose to Alabama as Florida coach?

3 times ... 1992 SEC Championship Game, 1999 regular season, and 1999 SEC Championship Game.

Who will be performing at the 2011 bcs championship game?

The 2011 BCS Championship Game is played on January 10, 2011. This is the championship game of the 2010 college footall regular season. It hosts #1 Auburn from the SEC and #2 Oregon from the PAC 10.

How many times has the Florida gators been to the sec championship game?

Florida has made it to the SEC championship game more than any other SEC team with ten appearances and holding a 7-3 record.

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