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if you are using a hydraulic press then you need a lu\mber supply that specializes in vaneers like a cabinetry place... if you just wanna mess around and make something out of Home Depot wood, use a thick birch sheet of plywood, maybe $50, but will make about 20 longboards.

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2012-08-30 00:23:35
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Q: Where to buy wood to make a longboard in south Florida?
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What kind of wood do you typically use for a longboard?


What are the disadvantages of using a cheap longboard?

The disadvantages of using a cheap longboard are that they tend to be made of stiffer wood and when you ride the longboard there is no give or flexibility which gives a very unstable ride.

What is the best wood to make a longboard out of?

The "best" wood depends on if you want your longboard to be flexible, stiff, light, or heavy. Maple is a common wood used to build stiff longboards, it is a tad heavy but not really a problem. An alternative to this is Baltic Birch wood, it is cheaper than maple but a little more flexible. Bamboo is also used on longboards but may be harder to press and access. If you are going to make a longboard I would recommend using fiberglass on the bottom and maybe even top layer to add some strength.

What is the weight of a 46 inch 8-ply longboard?

It depends on the type of wood used to make it. It will probably range from 3.5-4.5 lbs.

What materials do you need for a longboard?

Well to make a good one. some ply wood, clamps, glue, fiber glass, some time, a saw,

Is normal plywood good for a longboard?

No, you'll need some stronger type of wood.

What is the best wood for a longboard?

This depends on what discipline you are going to be practicing. Common woods used are maple, birch, and bamboo.

What type of woow do you need for a longboard?

bamboo is the best for a good flexable board, but if you cant get that maple wood is the second best

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