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elbow shot: You should try to aim at the top right corner... like in a lay up

side shot: Nothing to aim at just luck.

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Q: Where on the backboard do you aim at when shooting from the right side of the basket?
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Is it out of bound if the ball hits the side of the backboard in basketball?

that made no sense at all... It does make sense or atleast I understand, I do believe that it is considered out of bounds. I could be wrong but I think that if it goes over the backboard most refs call that out.

If the ball goes over the backboard in the NBA is it out of bounds?

The Ball is still in play. Back surface is the only out-of-bounds part of the backboard. (Supporting elements, such as pipes or poles or arms, etc. are obviously not part of the backboard or rim and are out of bounds.)The ball traveling OVER the top of the backboard is OUT of bounds. I believe this rule was put in place because Wilt Chamberlain would score from the other side of the board.Some sources say that if the backboard is 'fan shaped' or arched top, then the over-top rule does not apply, but does if the backboard is rectangle.It's amazing to me how many times this happens at the gym and players call it out of bounds. Cmon! You gotta know the rules if you want to play the game. No one ever knows this rule, but here it is:Rule 4, Section I - c. All five sides of the backboard (top, bottom, both sides and front face) are in play. As long as the shot stays on the top of the backboard, it is still in bounds. When it falls through the basket, the goal counts. But once the ball crosses over the backboard - regardless of where it comes to rest - it is out of bounds.

What is basketball theory?

Basically, on offense, you have to dribble the ball down to your side of the court and find a way to get the ball down to the goal and shoot and make it in the basket. On defense, you have to stop the other team from shooting the ball into the basket. If you steal the ball you go back to what I told you to do on offense.

Can you get the rebound if it only hits the backboard?

Not all lay-ups hit the backboard for example a finger roll.

When it gets near the end of the day get sharp shooting pains on the right side of the head shooting from the back to the front and have quite a large lump on the right of the crown any ideas?

It could possibly be a tumor. You shuold get it checked out immediantly.

How do you be a better shooter in basketball?

Try practicing shooting with one hand from the far side of the basket for at least 5 minuts once you do you should feel control of the ball from doing it with one hand so much then try shooting with two hands and spread your fingers so you can main tain balance on the ball once did try not to use your left hand when shooting only use that hand for ball placement and only use the right hand afterwards your shot should be more accurate

What is the correct hand positio when shooting a basketball?

Arm on the right or left side of your body formed in a 90 degree angle.

What are two technique points in the skill of goal shooting?

there are many rules in shooting. here are some (if righthanded): -elbow and knee are in one straight line -bend legs -straighten back -put ball right under your right eye -put left hand on the side of the ball -put right foot out a little bit more than left -ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BASKET!!! -extend in one motion while releasing the ball -have a follow through (after you shoot your hand should look like its in the cookie jar) -always believe it is going in

How do you ricochet in Halo 3?

Shoot at a wall when you are close to it and it is at your side. if shooting at the right angle your bullets will keep going but bounce of the wall.

What is violation in basketball?

their is different types of violation one of them is foot violation that means that it has hit off a players foot and the opposite team gets side ball another one is backboard violation when it hits the side or back if the backboard and last back court violation it one you are one one side of the court and you go back onto the other side still with the ball.

Where is the shooting badge placed on the USMC dress blue alpha uniform with medals?

by your chest on the right hand side up and down vertically

What are the five steps in shooting a basketball?

Here are the main tactics and goals in basketball:Score points by putting the ball in the hoop, either by a layup, dunk, or shotDo not foul the other players (i.e. grabbing them, hitting them, etc.)Play as a team. Do not try to do everything by yourself