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very popular in newzealand

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Q: Where is the game of rugby popular?
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What is the national game of Africa?

Rugby is the popular game, because there is no national game. Due to it being a multicultured Continent.

Is woman rugby popular?

Its classed as a developing sport. The game is growing internationally.

Which sports is most popular in new York?

To the best of my knowledge Rugby is the most popular game in new York.

What is the most popular game in nz?

The most popular sport in new zealand is actually football or soccer, followed by rugby with their very famous all black national team. The third most popular sport in NZ is touch rugby.

How many people in NZ play rugby?

Well over 50 to 60,000 people play rugby in New Zealand.It is very popular game.

How to begin rugby coaching when the sport is not popular?

Having achieved a qualification in the sports coaching programme - you need to start by finding those interested in the game - both player and supporters. Set up youth programmes using the mini rugby and the increasingly popular tag rugby

How did rugby become popular?


What xbox360 game is more popular wwe12 or all blacks rugby challenge?

All of the CODs

No Side in a rugby game?

end of a rugby game

Which is more popular cricket or rugby?

At the moment,cricket is more popular than rugby.

Who is more popular rugby union?

rugby union is the world cup, the six nations, the european nations cup... rugby union is what people know as rugby. all other forms of rugby are not as popular.

On a PSP can you get a rugby game?

There is a Rugby League game on PSP called "Rugby League Challenge."

Where does the word rugby for the game of rugby come from?

after Rugby, public school where the game was played, from city of Rugby in Warwickshire, central England.

Is soccer more popular than rugby?

Yes, at this moment there is a high spectator count world wide. However, the great game that is rugby is increasing in its popularity month on month

Which is more famous soccer or rugby?

There is hardly any sport which is bigger than Soccer. It is the most played and popular game on the planet. Rugby cannot compete with its huge popularity.

When was the game of rugby invented?

The game of rugby was invented in 1750.

Is there a rugby game for psp?

sory, there no rugby game for psp,but rugby rock i play it everyday in school.

What is more popular rugby or motocross?


Why is rugby league a popular sport?

RL is played worldwide, millions of supports support the game which brings it to life and sponsers which keep the game running.

How popular is rugby in the world?

Rugby is an international sport, and with rugby being included into the Olympic games 2016, guess it has become very popular in the world.

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

How was football created?

Football was created in the late 18th century by the evolved from the game rugby,which has a ball that is not made with pig skin,such as the football which is a more popular sport than rugby

When did the welsh rugby start playing?

The game started in Wales 1830 but became very popular from 1870 on ward

How popular is rugby league?

Although it's not very popular comparing with rugby union, it's popular enough to have professional leagues through the world like in England and in Australia( where it's more popular than the rugby union)

Will there ever be a Rugby game for PS3?

Yes, HB Studios are releasing a rugby game in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, called Rugby 2012.