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Track and Cross Country are by far more popular then Rugby.

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Q: Is track and cross country more popular in the world than rugby?
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Is cross country a track or field event?

Cross country is not a track and field event

Is cross country racing a popular sport?

Not a very popular sport, not many people know what it is exactly. Many people mistake cross country for track- which is entirely different, with the exception that they are both running sports.

What is the difference between track and cross country?

Track is running in circles and cross country is just running.

What sports use muscular endurance?

Wrestling, Hockey, Track/Cross Country, Football, Snowboarding, BMX, Tennis, Curling, Rugby, and Soccer is all I can think of

What other sports besides soccer is played in Africa?

Rugby and Cricket, as well as tennis, golf, cross-country running, track, swimming, among others.

What are fall sports?

The most popular fall sports are soccer, track & field, football, and cross-country. The main fall sports are soccer, track and field, and cross-country. An uncommon fall sport is field hockey.

What are the top 5 most popular girl sports?

Basketball, track and field, softball, volleyball, and cross-country are the top 5.

Sports played in america?

football, soccer, tennis, street hockey, field hockey, ice hockey, handball, archery, cross country, track, basketball, rugby, baseball, softball, tetherball

What are the sports that are available?

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field, cross country, rugby, squash, tennis, lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, softball, rowing, crew, cricket

What is the longest track and field event?

cross country Cross country is an athletics event but does not count as track and field. The longest standard race on a track is 10000m but the longest event in track and field is 50km walk (although the majority is done on roads).

Does Oregon state university have cross country?

Oregon State University has Women's Track and Cross Country, but not men's.

Can you use track shoes for cross country?


Can you wear track spikes for cross country?


What are the vital sports of an individual?

Cross Country and Track.

What surfaces are good for running on with spikes?

There is different types of surfaces for different spikes: track for track spikes cross country for cross country spikes

What is the most strenuous sport around?

cross country, track, triathalons, swimming, boxing or cross country skeeing are a few

Can males wearing women track shorts in public?

Yes its called cross country and track

Is track and field like cross country?

Track and field is only like cross country in that they both involve running. While cross country involves a long, continuous run, usually off of any track, track and field involves many events that different athletes specialize in. Not all of these events involve running, such as the discus throw. The longest run in a high school track meet is two miles, all of which occurs on a track, whereas a high school cross county meet is five kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

Does West Virginia University have a men's cross country team?

No, men's cross country was dropped in 2003 along with men's track and men's tennis.

Does any sport not use a ball?

Track and Cross Country

What hobbies did Wilma Rudolph do?

Track and field and cross country

What is the difference between track and field and cross country?

Cross country is long distance running done not on a track. Track and field includes many running events from sprints to long distance on a track as well as field events such as long jump, shotput throw, pole vaulting, etc.

How long is the cross country ski track for the Olympics?

375 yds.

What is the sport with the most running?

Cross Country running. Or track and field.

What would be better for a track sprinter in the offseason Swimming or XC Cross Country?

Cross Country. It incorporates running. I do cross country, but not track... in the track season I play softball! :) I think you should to XC if you can run at least 2 miles without getting tired!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a trick, NOTHING can replace running. NOTHING, cross-country would be best. I did cross-country first then did track to keep me in the running mood. Cross-country is a very good running sport, and is much more competitive. But sometimes you're better at sprinting than running distance, or sometimes you're better at distance than sprinting. Try it out and see if you like it!