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Indoor would be CBQ's in Toronto, Outdoor would be Wasaga paintball in .... well Wasaga.

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Q: Where is the best place to play paintball in Ontario?
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Where is the best place to play paintball in pune?

best place to play paintball in pune is at seasons mall, in magar patta city, they have fun addaa adventure zone which has india's first indoor paintball, laser tag, archery tag and many more games

Where is the best place to play paintball in Florida?

It depends on your style of paintball. Scenario/woodsball : Waynes world in Ocala, Hi-Tech Paintball in Tampa/Bradenton, or Hurricane Paintball in Palmbay cover most of central Florida Speedball : Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Combat Zone in Merrit Island, or Epic Paintball in Orlando

How many people play paintball in Canada?

people who play paintball play because some of them want to be in the military or law enforcement or to experience paintball

Where do paintball players play at?

paintball fields or on their property.

How can you get paintball training?

There aren't any (non military) training places for paintball. The best way to improve is to listen to older players and play as often as possible.

Where do people play paintball?

At paintball facilities, or their own property.

Can a 10 year old play on a paintball tournament?

No, you must be 11 to play paintball in the US.

Where is a good place to play paintball by san Diego?

Well my dad is a marine so i go into camp pendleton and play at the paintball park in there, so if you can some how get inside the base then you can go there and that is kind of close to san Diego

How counties play paintball?

I don't know how many counties, but ove 100 countries play paintball.

Where can you play paintball in Illinois like they do in Ten things I hate about you?

Never seen the movie but the best paintball field (Rated 3rd best in the world) Is called Challenge Park (CPX) and it's in Joliet, Il.

Where do you play paintball?

Paintball can be played in a paintball arena or paintball course, or even in a wooded area away from development. There are a lot of places to play, but safety is the most important issue. Laws and civil codes are also important, and so are issues of trespass, so don't figure on setting up in a public park or on someone's tree farm. To find a place to play paintball, ask around in your area among paintballers or those who sell the goods. They'll generally know where the action is.

Can you play paintball in some random place in Florida ie not in a paintball field?

You would have to find some land, and get the owners permission. It is a good idea to ask your friends, or ask players at fields.