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best place to play paintball in pune is at seasons mall, in magar patta city, they have fun addaa adventure zone which has India's first indoor paintball, laser tag, Archery tag and many more games

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โˆ™ 2014-03-18 13:53:50
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Q: Where is the best place to play paintball in pune?
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Is paintball in Pune at fun addaa?

paintball in pune is at fun addaa and its one of the best paintball zones in the world, and its also india's first indoor paintball arena.

How is co2 used in paintballing?

at Paintball arena in Fun Addaa, Pune you can play paintball using Co2 and compressed air as well, Co2 is used to give the paintballs extra pressure so that it can travell with a high velocity.

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What are facts about paintball?

one - paintball is an adventure sports two- always wear your mask when playing three-never do a close range firing four-keep the guns locked in safe zone five-do not play when drunk Worlds most safe Paintball arena is at Fun Addaa, in Pune

Who is the Odyssey paintball Team?

Odyssey Wonder or odyssey Paintball team is the inhouse sponsored team of Fun Addaa, India. Fun addaa is at seasons mall pune

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