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The Chicago Cubs baseball team plays at Wrigley Field, located in Chicago, Illinois. It has been home to the Cubs since 1916, though it was built in 1914. Specifically, it is located in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago.

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Q: Where is the Chicago Cubs baseball team's home stadium?
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Which baseball teams are in Chicago?

Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox

Where would the Cubs Baseball game be played if it was played at home?

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team from Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Cubs' home field is Wrigley Stadium, which is located on the north side of the city.

How many Major League baseball teams are in Illinois?

Two. The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are Illinois' 2 teams.

This city in the middle west is home to two baseball teams?

Chicago Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs.

What are the names of the two Chicago baseball teams?

There are two baseball teams in Chicago, IL. One of them is the Chicago White Sox who are in the American League. The other team is the Chicago Cubs who are in the National League.

Which baseball teams play in Chicago?

The Cubs (NL) & White Sox (AL)

What two major league baseball teams are found in Illinois?

Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox

What is the two names of Illinois's major league baseball teams?

The Chicago cubs and Chicago white sox

How many baseball teams are in Chicago?

Two. The Chicago Cubs are in the National League and the Chicago White Sox are in the American League.

What is the Chicago Cubs home arena?

Wrigley Field is the Chicago Cubs home stadium

Which baseball teams have 10000 losses?

Chicago cubs, philadelphia phillies, atlanta braves

Oldest baseball team still playing?

The oldest baseball teams still playing are the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. Both teams are charter teams of the National League when it was founded in 1876. The Cubs were the Chicago White Stockings and the Braves were the Boston Red Caps.

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