Where is Donovan McNabb playing?

Updated: 11/20/2022
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He is now an analyst on NFL Network.

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Q: Where is Donovan McNabb playing?
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Is Donovan mcnabb still going to be on the eagles?

Donovan McNabb retired in 2012 after playing for the Eagles, Redskins, and Vikings

What is the birth name of Donovan McNabb?

Donovan McNabb's birth name is Donovan F. McNabb.

What is Donovan McNabb's mother's name?

Wilma McNabb is the name of Donovan McNabb's mother.

What position does Donovan McNabb play?

Donovan McNabb was a quarterback.

Who is better Tom Brady or Donovan McNabb?

Donovan McNabb

What college did donovan mcnabb attend?

Donovan McNabb went to Syracuse.

When was Donovan McNabb born?

Donovan McNabb was born on November 25, 1976.

Is Donovan McNabb an Arizona Cardinal?

No, he is not. Donovan McNabb is a quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

What is Donovan McNabb's birthday?

Donovan McNabb was born on November 25, 1976.

Is donovan mcnabb married and does he have any kids?

Donovan McNabb is married with 3 kids.

What is Donovan mcnabb's father mane?

Samuel McNabb