Is donovan mcnabb married and does he have any kids?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Donovan McNabb is married with 3 kids.

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Q: Is donovan mcnabb married and does he have any kids?
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How much can donovan mcnabb bench press?

as much as he wants any given day

How many super bowl rings does donovan mcnabb have?

Mcnabb has no rings because hes never had any good receivers. except TO but he was and still is a big baby that drops passes.

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no he got a divorce

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Yes; Keeley Donovan, weather presenter for BBC, is married. Her husband's name is Scott.

Does Jeffery Donovan of Burn Notice have any kids?

Yes, Jeffery Donovan has one child, a daughter, with wife Michelle Woods, born in 2012.

How much can donovan mcnabb bench?

He benches about 600 pounds. He is the strongest QB in history of the NFL ------------------------- /\ Don't be an imbecile, barely any offensive linemen can bench press that much. His max was 445lbs.

Does Jeffrey Donovan have any children?

No, He has no kids and he isn't married. According to this interview he has 3 boys and a girlfriend named Kathryn, it's about 2 years old. Kathryn may not be his current girlfriend but kids don't go away...

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Yes he is married and have kids

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