What is Donovan mcnabb's father mane?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Samuel McNabb

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Q: What is Donovan mcnabb's father mane?
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Was donovan mcnabbs number always 5?


Is Dexter McNabb Donovan McNabbs brother?

They are cousins.

What are donovan mcnabbs children names?

Alexis, Sariah, Donovan Jr., and Devlin James.

Donovan McNabbs mother's name?

Wilma McNabb

5 is the answer to?

What was Donovan McNabbs number when he played QB for the Syracuse Orangemen?

What is Donovan Mcnabbs career win loss record?

Through the 2008 season, Donovan McNabb has started 128 regular season games and his win/loss record in those games is 82-45-1.

What is donavan mcnabbs nickname?


How much weight does Donovan McNabb bench press?

He benches about 600 pounds. He is the strongest QB in history of the NFL ------------------------- /\ Don't be an imbecile, barely any offensive linemen can bench press that much. His max was 445lbs.

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