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The flame of the Olympic torch always travels from Greece, where it is lit, to the host country.

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Q: Where did the oylimpic torch travel from?
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How does the olympic torch travel from continent to continent?

The olympic torch traveled by boats.

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How does the Olympic torch travel underwater whilst alight?

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When did the olympic torch first travel by air?

1956, Melbourne

List of countries the 2008 olympic torch will travel through?

You can find a map of the countries that the 2008 Olympic Torch will travel through at

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How many miles will the olympic torch travel in England?

1360 miles

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The Olympic torch relay of any Olympic games goes through various different, and numerous, destinations in the home country.

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How many miles did the Olympic torch travel before the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Nearly 13,000 miles

Where does the oylmpic torch travel?

The olympic flame is lit in Olympia month before the games, the exact route the torch takes is up to the individual Olympic organizing committees, however after the protests in Europe with the Beijing torch, the IOC has now said that after the greek leg, the enitre torch relay must take place in the host country.

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Where does the Olympic Torch start and where does it travel?

It starts in Greece, the founding country, and ends in the Olympic Stadium in the host country.

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