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The Masters

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No. The USGA has a set number of courses which are in rotation.

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Yes, The Open is held on a links course every year. There are currently 9 courses in the rotation and all of them are links courses.

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Q: Where has the US Open golf tournament been held?
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Where was the Irish Open Golf Tournament 2015 held?

It was held at Royal County Down Golf Club.

Which major golf championship is played in April?

Many golf tournaments are held in April, but the most famous tournament is the Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia. The four "major" golf tournaments are the Open, the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

When and where will the next major golf tournament be held?

U.S. Open, Olympic club, 2nd -3rd week of June

When was the US Open Golf Tournament held for the first time?

1895The US Open was first held in 1895. It is an annual event but was canceled in 1917 and 1918 due to WWI, and in 1942-1945 due to WWII. 2011 is the 111th US Open.

How does the cut work in the British open?

The open Championship, often referred to as the British Open is a major golf tournament held annually. It is a 72 hole tournament and cut is after 36 holes for top 70 players and ties.

Where was the first women's golf tournament?

Nowadays, women's golf championship has been parallel to the championships of men's golf. The first championship of women's golf was held in 1930 in America that was called Women's Western Open and the grand winner was Lee Mida.

What golf tournament is played in Augusta Georgia?

The first Masters was held at Augusta National in 1934, it has been held every year since then, with the exception of 1943-1945 where it was cancelled due to World War II.

Which international golf tournament was first held in worcester Massachusetts in 1927?

Ryder cup

What does FBR stand for in the FBR Open?

The abbreviation 'FBR' stands for Friedman, Billings and Ramsey who are a major investment firm. The FBR Open golf tournament is held in Phoenix USA during early February.

When was the US Open Golf Tournament in 2011?

It was held on June 16-19, 2011.Who won?Rory McIlroy won by 8 shots and finished 16 under par 268.

Where is the British open golf held?

At Turnberry 2009.

How many NCAAM championships have there been in basketball?

First NCAA tournament was held in 1939. The tournament has been held every year since. As of 2013 there have been 74 championships.