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The open Championship, often referred to as the British Open is a major Golf tournament held annually. It is a 72 hole tournament and cut is after 36 holes for top 70 players and ties.

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Q: How does the cut work in the British open?
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What year did tiger woods miss the cut at the British open?


What year at the British open did tiger miss cut?

In 14 appearances (to 2009) he has only missed one cut, and that was 2009.

What are the rules for halfway cut british open golf?

Top 70 players and ties.

Is Tiger Woods still in the 2009 British Open?

No, he missed cut after the second (Friday) round, just 1 shot short of the cut.

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Last time tiger woods and Mickleson did not make the cut?

Tiger didn't make the cut for the British Open. But, it's only the sixth time in 232 starts that Tiger has missed a cut. That is an amazing stat and he is an amazing golfer.

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How do they set thepairings for day two of the British Open?

The R&A simply make a draw for the 52 3-balls the week of The Open. These groups stay together for the first 2 days and then the cut is made.

Who made the longest shot in the British open?

There is no such tournament as the British Open do you mean the Open Championship?

Who won the British open?

Louis Oosthuizen won the 2010 british open

When was Women's British Open created?

Women's British Open was created in 1976.

How much is the entry fee for the British Open?

The British Open is a major golf championship in Great Britain, comparable to the US Open in America. The entry fee for the British Open is around 150 pounds.

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Who was the oldest player to win the British Open?

The oldest player to win the British Open was Tom Morris. He was 46 years and 99 days old when he won the British Open.

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How many holes in British Open?

4 rounds of 18 for those who make the cut, then 4 playoff holes if there is a tie, then a sudden death playoff if a tie still exists.

Why did Hone Heke cut down the British flagpole?

It was intended to show disapproval of the British government. It was cut down four times.

What type of playing surface is used at the British Open?

The British Open is played on a grass surface.

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

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