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third base

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Q: Where does the home team sit 3rd or 1st base line?
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What side is the home dugout at royals stadium?

The Royals' home dugout is on the first base side.

How far is the 1st base line to the 2nd first base line?

every base is 90 feet away from each other

In baseball What is it called when there is a line drawn to 1 2 3 and home base?

The lines that are drawn in white from home to 1st and home to 3rd, and in both cases all the way past the two bases to the outfield walls, are called the foul lines. There is no line drawn on the field from 1st to 2nd, nor 2nd to 3rd.

What is a bases?

there are 4 on a baseball field. 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate

How long is it from 1st base to home plate?

90 feet

What is the yellow line in football on TV?

That is the line of scrimmage, the line in which the team with the ball begins their play on. it may also be the 1st down line

How do you get a foul in baseball?

If you hit the baseball inside the 1st or 3rd base line.

What are the bases numbered in baseball?

In baseball, when the batter hits the ball, he has to run to first base. First base is when he is safe, where he can not be tagged out by the ball. You can also steal base :) i play 12u softball I am a gall

What dugout does the visiting team sit in during a baseball game?

Their own. Generally if they sit in the home team's dugout, there's bound to be a fight or two. Seriously, it varies from stadium to stadium. Often the home team is on the 3rd base side, with the visitors across at 1st base. But there's no hard and fast rule. Sarcasm does not seem appropriate for answering a question.

Who steal home from 1st base?

Ricky Henderson stole all the bases and home plate ...

How far from home plate to 1st base in softball?

60 feet

If a ball is hit and bounces off 1st base and settles foul between Home plate and 1st base is it fair or foul?

fair because first base is in fair territory