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fair because first base is in fair territory

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Q: If a ball is hit and bounces off 1st base and settles foul between Home plate and 1st base is it fair or foul?
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What happens if a pitch bounces on home plate?

It's a ball

Can a batter hit a ball that bounces off home plate 1st?

Yes. Home plate is in fair territory.

If a ball is hit and bounces on home plate is it a fair ball is it stays fair?

It would be a fair ball.

Is home plat in fair or foul territory?

Home plate is foul territory unless the ball rolls in front of the plate and stays fair. If the ball bounces off the plate and strikes the batter; it's a dead ball.

If a batter hits a pitched ball that bounces in front of the plate and it goes out of the park for a home run is this the correct ruling?

Yes, it is scored as a home run.

If a batted ball hits the ground behind home plate than bounces into fair territory is it fair or foul?


How Much is it between Home Plate and Third Base?

The distance between Third Base and Home Plate is 90 feet.

If a Batter hits a baseball and it bounces off home plate and then rolls into fair territory is it foul?

It would be considered a fair ball.

What is call the area between the three bases and home plate?

the area between the bases and home plate is called the base path.

The Pitcher throws towards home plate. the ball bounces in the dirt before home plate and it hits the batter is it a dead ball or hit batter?

It is a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base and is ruled a hit by pitch

What is the difference between a pitcher's plate and the home plate in softball?

43 feet

What is a balitmore chop in baseball?

When a batter hits a ball very hard usually in front of home plate that hits the ground and bounces up high.

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