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60 feet

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Q: How far from home plate to 1st base in softball?
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How far apart is 1st base from home plate on a softball diamond?

60 feet

What is the distance between home plate and 1st base in fast pich softball?

The distance is 60 ft

What are the names of the bases in softball?

Where you stand at to hit, is called home plate. The first base you run to is called 1st base. The next base is 2nd base. And the one after that is 3rd.

How do you measure the distance to first base from home plate in softball?

In a standard softball field, the distance from home plate to first base is 60 feet. To physically measure this distance, we use a long, windup tape measure. Note: The distance between any of the bases is 60 feet. From the tip of home plate to the far side or back of the 1st base bag.

What is in-field play in softball?

The infield positions in softball are the same as in baseball.... pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and shortstop. One difference in their positioning in comparison to baseball is that the 3rd base player and often the 1st base player, play in front of the base, closer to home plate. This is due to the greater amount of bunting and slap hitting in softball.

What are the field dimensions of dixie youth fast pitch softball fields?

The Base path is 60 ft. from the back of home plate to the front of 1st base, & the same from base to base, back home from 3rd. From the back of home plate to 2nd base is 84'10". The same from 1st to 3rd. There should be a minimum of 180' to the closest fence with a maximum of 200'. An 8' radius should be around the pitching rubber which is positioned at 40' from the front of home plate.

How far away is second base from first?

the distances between 1st, 2nd, 3ed, and home plate are 60 feet and from home plate to the pitchers mound is 40 feet. this depends on the league you play in and what level softball.

How far is 1st base from home plate?

90 ft

How long is it from 1st base to home plate?

90 feet

What is the fastest base running time in softball?

The fastest is around a 2.5 home to 1st time

Where does the measurement from home to first base start and end?

At the end of home plate to when it gets to the edge of 1st base.

What is a bases?

there are 4 on a baseball field. 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate

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