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Nationally, NASCAR is the fastest growing professional sport, rivaling professional football. Internationally, Formula 1 racing ranks second to what the rest of the world calls football (soccer).

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Q: Where does auto racing rank as a spectator sport?
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Where does bicycle racing rank in sports?

The rank in sports depends what country you are in. It is a much bigger sport in Europe than in the United States and anywhere else.

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1. Boxing 2. F1 Racing 3. Baseball 4. American Football 5. Basketball 6. Football/Soccer

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KICK-Boxing? Without a doubt not in the top 10. Football, Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, NASCAR, INDY Racing. Are all more popular than Kick-Boxing. If you are just talking about BOXING, and not KICK-Boxing than Boxing would rank 4th (Football, Baseball, and Basketball would be ahead) Around the world it would rank 3rd (Soccer and Basketball)

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As of September 2014, NASCAR was ranked as the fourth most popular sport in the United States. Professional football is the most popular sport.

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