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The rank in sports depends what country you are in. It is a much bigger sport in Europe than in the United States and anywhere else.

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Q: Where does bicycle racing rank in sports?
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What sports the French love?

The French are passionate about Football, Rugby, and Bicycle racing. They are also very good at all of them.

If you were racing in a velodrome would you be riding on a horse or a bicycle?

A bicycle

What kind of racing might of competitor use a trapeze in?

Bicycle racing

What is a bicycle racing track called?


What are the popular sports in monaco?

Monaco hosts at least 2 major auto sporting events, many major soccer games, bicycle road racing and tennis among other sports.

What has the author Rod Alexander written?

Rod Alexander has written: 'Bmx Racing' -- subject(s): Bicycle motocross, Bicycle racing, Juvenile literature

What is a good frame for a bicycle when racing?

That will depend entirely on what type of racing you intend to be doing.

WHO invented the racing bicycle?

It didn't take long after the invention of the bicycle for people to begin racing them. An soon after that, people started modifying the bikes to become better racing material. So there's no single inventot of the racing bike.

How do you get rank 50 in platform racing?

Rank 50 can be achieved in Platform Racing by earning 50 experience points. Rank 50 can be achieved in Platform Racing 2 by earning about 8.4 million experience points

Which sport is velodrome used for?

It is used for bicycle racing.

Who is the highest rank in platform racing 2?

The highest rank currently known in Platform Racing 2 is UnknownAx with a rank of 60, and he is tied with quesin, but UnknownAx hacked.

Are boxing and horse racing and bicycle racing popular in Latin America and Spain?

yes maybe

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