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you inbound the ball on the side closest where it missed. if its in the middle either side would be fine.

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At the point where the ball went out of bounds.

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Q: Where do you inbound the ball if a free throw misses the rim?
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Is it possible to waive a free throw in exchange for a ball possession from an inbound pass from a sideline on a basketball game?


If a player is dribbling the ball and gets fouled then he commits a technical foul what happens?

The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

Does a free throw violation by the offense result in a free throw?

No it just results in a ball out of bounds to the team who did not commit the violation

Does a foul shot have to touch the rim?

In basketball the ball on a foul shot the ball must hit the rim or another player before the man throwing the ball can touch it. That is the Wilt Chamberlain rule. He would throw the ball against the backboard, catch it, and throw it in for 2 points. That is not permitted any more.

Can you run the baseline after a made free throw?

In American college ball and the NBA, you may run the baseline after a made shot or free throw. If the throw in is due to something other than a made shot or free throw, you may not run the baseline when attempting to throw the ball in.

When you release the ball for a free throw shot and you are standing behind the line but end up past the line when you land is the free throw shot legal?

No it isn't, you must start and finish your free throw attempts behind the free throw line

How many points are worth for a guarded shot from the free throw line?

if its an actual free throw it 1 point, but if its a live ball its 2(:

What happens if the other 9 players don't stand on the other half of the court on a technical free throw?

It's similar to entering the lane too soon. If the shooter misses the free throw, he would receive another attempt. If the shooter makes the free throw - nothing, because he would accept the result.

Amy is at basketball practice She is about to shoot a free throw When she releases the ball?

the ball will have kinetic energy and potential energy.

Amy is at basketball practice. She is about to shoot a free throw. When Amy releases the ball?

the ball will have kinetic energy and potential energy.

What is a free trow line?

In basketball,the free throw line is the line where the person throws the ball or dumnk the ball for 3 points ... it works the same for a faul too

Someone is shooting two free throws and the players misses the first free throw - so who gets credit with the rebound?

No one, unless it is what is called a one and one, meaning if the player misses the first freethrow he does not get a second one. this is most apparent in the college game. Other than that, no one.