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The pants have inserts that the pads slide into. Some football pants have a place for a groin cup also, but most require the use of a jock or compression shorts.

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Q: Where do football pads go in pants?
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What is the football gridle for and do pads go in there or in the pants?

The football girdle is for the hip pads & tail bone pad. It has pockets inside them for these pads. It looks like compression shorts.

How do you put on knee pads for football?

Football pants have the knee pads already built inside of them.

Where do you put on football thigh pads?

the thigh pads are on the inside of the football pants. Some people put their thigh pads in their girdle. Obviously, if you don't have a girdle, this isn't an option. In such a case, the pads would be placed inside your pants.

How do you install the belt through pads in football pants?

Basically you weave the belt through the pads and pants to secure the pads into your pants. A coach or teammate should be able to help you out if you still have trouble.

What are the football pants called with pads sewn in them?

They are called skahmahgoffins.

How do you put on football hip pads?

Football pants usually have pockets for knee and thigh pads. Under the football pants, you wear a girdle that has additional pockets to place your hip and tail bone pads. The shape of the pocket will tell you which pad goes where.

What do you need to play football?

football pants shoulder pads a mouth piece andcletes

What gear do you need to play American football?

to play American football you need a helmet shoulder pads jock strap football pants with knee pads thigh pads hip pads and a tail pad

What are the equiptment in football?

You wear a helmet, shoulder pads, a girdle, thigh pads, knee pads, cleats, a jersey, and pants.

What if your football pants have no pocket for the knee do you wear them?

Duct tape!

Equipment needed for football?

mouth pieces, helmet w/ pads, pants w/ pads, shoulder pads, jersey, and cleats

What do football players wear when they play football?

Cleats, hopefully socks, football pants(Which hold knee pads), A girdle( Another protective piece, it holds pads in various spots.), Pads,Helmet, A jersey, and sometimes gloves.

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