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You wear a helmet, shoulder pads, a girdle, thigh pads, knee pads, cleats, a jersey, and pants.

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Q: What are the equiptment in football?
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What resources is needed for football?

# transport equiptment staff venue

What equiptment do you need to play football?

shoulder pads,helmet,thigh pads,hip pads,knee pads,but pads,and a cup.

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cookery equiptment are equiptment used when cooking

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baking equiptment

What equiptment do you need for soccer?

You really just need the ball to play. But if you want to play it like in the professional football leagues you will need soccer boots/cleats, shin guards, a team uniform and of course the ball.

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For the girls equiptment: Uneven-Bars, Beam, Floor, and vault. For the boys equiptment: Pomel-horse, mushroom, rings, floor, paralel bars, and vault.

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You can get it by working out with wights or other equiptment.

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