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If the football pads are old, they will make a rash on body........

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Q: How do you get rid of a rash caused by football shouder pads?
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What type of rash can you get from football pads on the upper body?

a gash will open up on your shoulder and an alien will rip out of your stomach. if this happens.... your screwed.

Will a rash go away on its own?

It depends on what the rash is and what it is caused by.

Can a rash damage your ear canal?

It depends on what has caused the rash.

Is it bad if you get a rash on your butt when you wear pads?

It's a kind of diaper rash -- annoying but basically harmless. The area is staying too moist for too long. Maybe change pads more often or use a heavier type of pad. Most pads have a leak-barrier of plastic that will hold the moisture next to your skin, this keeps your clothes clean but can cause a rash.

Can you get a rash?

A rash is a spotted red reaction and is usually caused by allergies. Sometimes certain diseases, or conditions such as a fever can cause a rash. Anyone can get a rash.

What are some causes of HIV rash?

HIV rash is caused by contracting HIV/AIDS. HIV rash is one of the earliest indicators of HIV, and can also be caused after being diagnosed by the drugs prescribed.

Ringworm is a circular rash caused by a virus?

No, it is caused by bacteria.

How long does a rash on forehead last?

It all depends on what caused the rash in the first place. A heat rash will go away quickly and a rash cause by a bacteria or a virus will take 7-10 days. Some can be caused by food or other allergies.

How do you get rid of your rash?

If you ever get shin guard rash, check out the Silver Edge Gear Shin Guard pads on We have been told by parents that they will get rid of shin guard and it will never come back! The silver in the pads prevents the growth of bacteria!

Is the rash contagious?

It can be if it is caused by a fungus.

How do you heal bum rash?

You get vinegar mixed it with oil then add about 3-4 spoonful of baking flower then mix the mixture into a bawl and get pads and rub it on the rash . This help the rash die out and helps smooth the skin

I am tried of trying out different brands of pads but all cause bad rash. What shall I do?

Have you tried Always, Dr White or Nana sanitary pads? They do not cause any rashes.

What could a rash on the torso and fever be caused by?

It can be measles.

Is heat rash contagious?

Heat rash is not contagious, actually. Heat rash is caused by friction and sweating, so if it's hot and humid, you have a chance of getting heat rash in your armpits, between your legs, and on your butt.

If you touch the rash on your back then touch your eye can it spread?

It depends entirely on what is causing the rash. If it is caused by an infectious agent, then, yes - you could spread the infection. If it is being caused by some kind of chemical, you can spread the chemical if it is still there. On the other hand, if the rash is a delayed reaction or an allergic reaction you can't spread the rash. In short - you can't spread the rash by touching it but you could spread what is CAUSING the rash if it's still there on the skin.

How do you treat rashes?

Go to your doctor! They can identify what caused the rash, can prevent it, and can also prescribe something that will help treat the rash.

I have an itchy rash from a sunless tan lotion i used I have the rash all over my legs but i want to tan still outside what should i do?

Discontinue using any product which may have caused the rash. Read and take notes of the ingredients of that product. Wait a few days until the rash has gone away until you try using a new product. When you find a product that does not cause a rash, compare the ingredients to find out by a process of elimination what caused your rash.

What is this skin rash on my feet and ankles and knees?

A skin rash that is concentrated on areas such as the hands, feet and knees can be caused by several reasons. The most common type of rash is heat rash. Heat rash can occur as a result of sweat and typically thrives in hot weather.

I have tried many brands of pads but all cause a rash. What could be the reason?

Sanitary pads need to be of good quality and have good absorption capability else they will cause side effects. Also, you need to maintain good feminine hygiene during periods else it will cause some kind of infection or rash.

What is the medical term meaning rash?

Medical terminology for rash is exanthema if it's caused by a disease. Eruption is sometimes used as well.

How much is a red card fine in football?

it depends on the rash of the takle

What is bikini rash?

Bikini Rash is generally caused by shaving down the upper inside of the legs to the pubic area on a woman. This leaves a rash and stubble. That's why most young women go for waxing.

Is Rashes contagious?

Heat rash is not contagious, actually. Heat rash is caused by friction and sweating, so if it's hot and humid, you have a chance of getting heat rash in your armpits, between your legs, and on your butt.

What vitamins can cause a rash?

Vitamins that can cause a rash are; Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The rash is caused by an over dose in the vitamins and is a sign you are taking over the recommended dosage.

What is a hink pink for a skin irritation caused by garbage?

trash rash