Where did the term ball come from in baseball?

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its Baseball because you run around bases and you play with a ball

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Q: Where did the term ball come from in baseball?
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What is a ball club?

A ball club is another term for a ballclub, an informal term for a baseball team.

How about dugout where did the term dugout in baseball come from?

The dugout is a term refered to the place where the players sit. This area was dug out of the ground to protect the ball players from line drives.

Which baseball term is defined as a weakly hit fly ball?


What two ball sports use the term ace?

Tennis and baseball

Where did the term balk come from in baseball?

No I can't what is the answer

How did the term strike in baseball come from?

The original game of baseball had the batter stand with his foot against a peg in the ground and the pitcher then throw the ball at the batter. If the ball struck the batter on the trunk of the body it was term a strike. One strike and you were out. This game as far as I know originated in Wales, UK. I stand to be corrected on the last point.

Where does the term ball sac come from?

well, there are two balls in a sac so...

Where did the name baseball come from?

The fact that the game uses bases and a ball

How do softball and baseball differ?

Baseball is played with a smaller and harder ball than softball, hence the term SOFTball.

How did Alexander Cartwright come up with the name ''Baseball''?

because of the bases and the ball put it together and you get baseball

What does the baseball term Yellow Hammer mean?

Yellow Hammer is a term for a curve ball that not only breaks but has a big drop to it. Another term for Yellow Hammer is a '12 to 6' curve ball. Other terms for a curve ball are 'yakker' and 'Uncle Charlie'.

Where did the baseball term 'around the horn' come from?

In baseball terminology, an "around-the-horn" double play occurs when the third baseman fields a ground ball and throws it to second for an out. The ball is then relayed by a middle infielder to first base for the second out. Since it is the longest way to make a double play, the term is derived from the nautical route from England to India via the horn of Africa.

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