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You have to be more specific than that, because their are many different kinds of athletes that train in different places. That would be like if I asked you where does food come from (their are so many types of food that come from different places).

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Q: Where did the athletes train?
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Where do most of the athletes for the Olympics train?

Most of the athletes train in their prospective countries. 70% of athletes in the 2012 Olympics trained in the USA. The rest train in the country they were born in.

Why do athletes train?

Athletes train so they can maintain or get better at the sport they do and to keep their body in shape

Where do Russia's athletes train?

The Russian athletes train at training camp held by their Russian Sports Ministry.

How do Olympic athletes train for the Olympics?

they have prsonal trainers to train them

Where do athletes train for paralympics?

in their house

How do Olympic athletes train?

very hard

How long do the athletes train for?

2 years

How do athletes prepare for a sports event?

They train

How did the Spartans feel about their athletes?

Spartans made both boys and girls train and train to become strong warriors and athletes. Spartans were the citystate that cared all about strength.

What can athletes train for water polo?

athletes would train there muscule for their legs and arms be stronger need to swim couple laps to be a stronger swimmer

Is boxing fake?

NO, not by a longshot. These athletes train hard for their sport.

Why are athletes overpaid?

because they train hard and earn the money they get

How long did the athletes train in ancient Greece?

All their life

What are the special steps athletes do to win?

train like hell

How did the ancient Greeks feel about athletes?

the athletes were an important part of greek culture to be an athlete in Greece you had to train about 8 hours a day.

What do athletes do to train before the Olympics?

stretch i guess or eat healthy

How do the olympics athletes transport?

By Horse, car, train, plane or boat

How did the ancient olympic athletes train?

Ancient Olympic athletes trained in their home towns. They were often trained by former athletes and the training often involved sparring, grappling, boxing, and wrestling.

How long do the Olympic athletes train?

Well it all depends. Because if you are a good athelete then you don't have to train for so long

What is PAO?

Pro Athletes Outreach is an organization of people from the world of business and sports that train professional athletes in the world of religion. Click on the 'Pro Athletes Outreach' link on this page to go to their website.

What can athletes do to get bigger muscles?

Eat lots of lean protein and weight train.

Famous athletes that train in dance?

Cristiano Ronaldo Took Ballet when he was in school

How much does the Olympics mean to athletes?

The Olympics mean every thing to the athletes, win or lose. They train with a crazy amount of effort and hope. They are the best at what they do.

How do most professional athletes train?

Professional athletes train by using workout machines that you would have at your house. They always use treadmills. They usually have one in a hot tub or shower. U like dickssss

Why do athletes use ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a stimulant, athletes use it to train harder as it provides extra energy and aggresion through stimulation of the central nervous system.