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The easiest way to find out more about tennis lessons in your area would be to check the local sports forums and websites. They will be able to recommend instructors offering tennis lessons at a reasonable price.

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Q: Where could I go to learn how to play tennis?
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Do you have to go to a tennis club to play in a tennis tournment?

No coz if say a member of your family plays tennis, they could teach you then you'll get good enough to play in tournaments!

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If you go to a park, it costs nothing to play on the tennis courts there.

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Why are tennis balls used to play tennis?

tennisballs are used to play tennis because if u use gollfball the ball would not go back and forth and if u use a basketball it would be to big.

Where can one find information about ITF tennis online?

The place to go to learn about ITF tennis is at that same web address. There will be information about what is happening as well as the history of the ITF Tennis matches.

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How many points do you play to in table tennis?

You play to 11 points in Table Tennis. You must win by 2 points, so it is possible to go beyond 11.

What is an eastern in tennis?

It is a specific grip. To learn more about it, go to They will teach you how to use the eastern grip.

Where can someone go trening table tennis?

Someone could go to many gyms to train for table tennis. All sporting gyms have table tennis tables, however if you researched beforehand you could find a gym which may also have a team or tournaments.

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Where can you take tennis lessons?

You can go to Tennis coaching class.. Or if you want to know about tennis go to wikipedia. there you can find about Tennis.

Where do you sign up for tennis?

You could go to the Cupertino Sports Center and sign up.

Where to learn how to play lacrosse?

The best place to learn how to play lacrosse is on a team.but you can go on youtube and watch videos. If any body you see or heard that knows how to play lacrosse ask them how to play. Its really not that hard to do once you learn

Where can one go to learn how to play acoustic on a guitar?

There are a few places that someone could learn to play acoustic on a guitar. One could try local guitar or music stores that often offer acoustic lessons. Sometimes in these stores there are postings for people that provide private lessons from their home.

Where would one go to train to become a professional tennis player?

There are many places where one could go to train to become a professional tennis player. One could go find a mentor or coach and just practice until they are at the professional level.