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No coz if say a member of your family plays tennis, they could teach you then you'll get good enough to play in tournaments!

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Q: Do you have to go to a tennis club to play in a tennis tournment?
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How much does it cost to join a tennis club?

it dipens what tennis club you go to.

What do you call a place where you play table tennis?

Over the years the most common term used to describe where you play table tennis is "parlor". However, most players who compete regurally go to "a club".

How do you unlock the tornament on adventurequest worlds?

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How much does it cost to play on a tennis court?

If you go to a park, it costs nothing to play on the tennis courts there.

Where is the best place to play a game of tennis with your friends?

Your local park is the best place. You don't need to go to any fancy club, and all of your friends and you will have free access to the park to play a game of tennis. Most parks have a tennis court, so find the closest one and meet there.

How much does tennis cost to play?

you have to get some tennis balls from the store and it will cost $18 bucks a bag for the good ones and for a tennis racket $75 for a ok one The cost depends by where you are playing. If it is a relatively nice tennis club it would be more. But if you go to a park district it is free.

How many tennis matches does a tennis player play in a year?

It depends on how often they play or if they are professional, then how many tournaments they go to.

What are the facilities of table tennis?

You must buy table tennis table and enjoy this game. Or you can join the club where you can play the game. If you don't want to go with any of these options, as ancient time you can enjoy this game on your dinner table and play with books.

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How many points do you play to in table tennis?

You play to 11 points in Table Tennis. You must win by 2 points, so it is possible to go beyond 11.

Where can someone find information about BBC Tennis?

The best place to go is the World Tennis Association's website. They are the governing body over tennis. Another good source would be Wimbledon's site or at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club.

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