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12 grams are non refillable.

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Q: Where can you refill your 12 gram co2 cartridges?
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How do you reuse air cartridges for a pellet gun?

If you mean the standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges, they are not reusable.

What size Co2 Cartridges fits a crosman model 99 22 cal?

12 gram powerlet

Do air soft guns use threaded or unthreaded CO2 cartridges?

No. Most airsoft guns that run off of CO2 use unthreaded, disposable 12 gram cartridges.

Are co2 cartridges reusable?

If you are asking about the small 12 gram C02 cartridges, then,"No" they are not reusable. However, larger tanks (like 20 oz) with pin valves on the top are refillable.

What CO2 does brass eagle t-storm use?

Any CO2 tank with standard threading. It cannot use un-threaded disposable 12 gram cartridges without an adapter.

Do paintball 20oz co2 tanks come filled?

No, they must be filled (and not with air). The only exception is the silver 12 gram cartridges for pistols and stock class guns.

Do the paintball air tanks at walmart come with the air?

No. the only full air canisters are 12 gram CO2 cartridges, all others are sold empty under law.

How many BB shots does a 12g Co2 Cartridge deliver?

one day

Can you convert a co2 airsoft gun into a green gas?

No, Co2 airsoft guns run off disposable 12 gram cartridges, whereas green gas guns have internal storage and are refilled by propane tanks. Actually there are now dual use guns and adapters to use CO2 to fill green gas guns .

How much does it cost to have 12 gram c02 tanks refilled?

you buy new ones not refill them

Can you fill 20oz paint ball tank with 12gram cartridges?

No! 12 gram cartridges have no valve and will not fit in and cannot in any way be transfered to a valved tank.

What co2 cartridge does Crosman 180 use?

It uses a 12 gram C02 powerlett