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The centre circle of a Netball court is 3 feet. If you stand with your feet on one side and another player on the other side directly opposite you, it will give you a good indication the distance you have to stand

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Q: Where can you measure 3 feet on a netball court?
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How many thirds marked on a netball court?

How many how many goals thirds are there

What is the size of net ball court?

A netball court size is 30.5 metres (100 feet) long and 15.25 metres (50 feet) wide, which is divided into thirds. There is a center circle with a diameter of 0.9 metres (3 feet) and two goal circles which are semi-circles measuring 4.9 metres (16 feet) in radius. All lines are part of the court and measure 50mm (2 inches) in width.

Infrigment in netball?

an infringement in netball is 3 feet witch is exactly .9 of a metre.

How many thirds of the court is the centre allowed in netball?


In netball a player cannot intercept a pass if the are how many feet away?

3 feet/

How mant thirds are marked on a netball court?

there are 3 thirds on a netball court, with each end cort containing a semi circle know was the goal 'D'. this is the only section of the court that a goal can be scored from.

How many feet away from your opponent must you stand in a game of netball?

You have to stay 3 feet away from your opponent ( 1 metre ) in a game of netball. . :] Cheers hun.x

What are the 3 parts of a netball court?

there is 2 goal thirds and a centre third

How many players in netball game?

A netball team consists of about 10 players, 7 on the court and 3 reserves. Each team as 7 players on the court so there are 14 players all up on the court.

What is the 3 feet rule in netball?

The three feet rule is how far you need to be from a player to defend them when they have the ball.

How far do you have to be away from the player who has the ball in netball?

3 feet / 0.9 meters

How far is a ball allowed to travel in the game of netball?

up to 1/3 of the court.