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One can find the schedule for NFL games played on Fox by going to foxsports or to the tvguide website. Each of these sites provide a wealth of information about NFL scheduling.

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Q: Where can you get a schedule of NFL games on Fox?
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When did the NFL go to a 16 game schedule?

Beginning in 1978, the NFL increased its schedule from 14 to 16 games.

What year did the NFL schedule increase to 16 games?


What year did the NFL go to 16 games?

The NFL went to a 16 game schedule in 1978.

How many games made up the nfl regular season schedule in 1982?


What cannel is NFL?

The NFL is on Fox and CBS if you dont have cable, Fox is on channel 13 and CBS is on channel 7. Also, MOST games are played on Sunday. I hope that this helps!

How many games can an nfl team lose in the 2010 schedule and still make the playoffs?


Who decides which games will make the Monday Night Football Schedule?

The NFL presents a schedule to ESPN whereby it just lists what matches are what week. ESPN will then decide which game it wants on MNF. The remaining games are sent to NBC to decide which game they will have on Sunday Night. The remaining matches are then divvied to Fox and CBS, depending on AFC or NFC. == ==

Where can a person go online to see the 2013 schedule for the Redskins?

The 2013/2014 schedule of National Football League (NFL) games was released on the April 18th 2013. The schedule for the Washington Redskins can be found on their official site or at the official site of the NFL.

What is the duration of NFL on Fox?

The duration of NFL on Fox is 3 hours.

Do the falcons have any prime time games in 2010?

Unknown pending the release of the NFL schedule for 2010.

When was NFL on Fox created?

NFL on Fox was created on 1994-09-04.

What is the NFL schedule for the rest of 2012?

The NFL schedule for the rest of 2012 is long over. The new schedule will come out for 2013 next month. The schedule will be similar to that of 2012.

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