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Q: How many games can an nfl team lose in the 2010 schedule and still make the playoffs?
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Is the patriots going to playoffs in 2010?

The Patriots won 14 of 16 games and made the playoffs in 2010.

Who is going to playoffs in 2010?

Maybe the jets, because they won alot of games. And the Texans might go to the playoffs in 2010 maybe.

When did the 2010 NBA playoffs start?

The 2010 NBA playoffs began on April 17, 2010.

Has an NFL team ever missed the playoffs after winning every division game?

The 2010 Raiders won all 6 of their division games. Not only did they miss the playoffs, they still managed to finish 3rd in their own division. The 9-7 Chargers finished 2nd and also missed the playoffs.

Who won the 2010 NBA playoffs?

No team has won the NBA playoffs yet. (2010)

Can the patriots still make it to the Super Bowl in 2010?

Yeah, they're in the playoffs and they have a good team

How many games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won from 1933 through 2010?

Through the 2010 AFC Divisional game, the Steelers have won 572 games, including playoffs.

Do the falcons have any prime time games in 2010?

Unknown pending the release of the NFL schedule for 2010.

What games are at the Olympic? page mite be very helpful on the many games at olympic upcoming 2010 schedule

Commonwealth games are schedule to be held in new delhi in the year?

Delhi hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Which team won the 2010 playoffs for basketball?

The team that won the 2010 playoffs were the Phoenix Suns.

When was the last time a team won all its divisional games and failed to make the playoffs?

This year...2010

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