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Ski racing can be found on Sport 1 or Sport 2.

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Q: Where can you find ski racing on television?
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Where can one find information regarding ski racing?

An individual can find information regarding ski racing on the Internet, or they can read a magazine about it. They can also go to a ski store and possibly get a pamphlet with information regarding ski racing.

What year was ski racing invented?

ski racing was invented in 1563

Where can one find NASCAR racing results?

The racing results can be found on TV or on their website.

How do you say ski racing in french?

course de ski.

What has the author Martin Luray written?

Martin Luray has written: 'Ski racer' -- subject(s): Downhill ski racing, Juvenile literature, Ski racing

What are some examples where frictional force should be reduced?

Anything to do with racing: car racing, ski racing, especially bike racing.

Where can you buy a used ski racing suit? and search for used ski suit

What has the author Tim Ross written?

Tim Ross has written: 'Ski racing for children' -- subject(s): Downhill ski racing, Skiing for children

Who invented ski racing?

thomas nicholson

When was ski racing invented?


What is the difference of ski racing and just skiing?

ski racing is when you hit poles and go on ice downhill. skiing is just having fun and just free sking. ppl!!!!!!!!!

Does dartmouth college have a ski club?

Dartmouth has a ski team and an "Outing Club" that includes more clubs like Ski Patrol and Ski Racing Club. Hope this helps.

Where can you find World Cup skiing on American TV?

check out the us ski team website it has a schedule. here is a link

What has the author Billy Kidd written?

Billy Kidd has written: 'Billy Kidd's American Ski Guide' 'Billy Kidd's Ski racing book' -- subject(s): Downhill ski racing 'Ski in six days' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing

Why is there no motorcycle racing on tv?

Thers is all kinds of racing the Speed Channel.

What sport did Debbie Armstrong do in the Olympics?

she did alpine ski racing

How many deaths in jet ski racing?

18 as of 2014

What are 6 major ski organizations and their functions in the US?

The 6 major ski organizations in USA are: - USSA is the racing group - PSIA is for ski instructors - AASI for snowboard instructors - US Recreational Skiers Association - Ski Industries Association of America - Ski Areas Association.

Are ski suits better or jackets and salopettes?

for racing? ski suits. they will reduce drag. normal skiing? jackets are fine

Where can one find more information on a Seadoo RXP?

One can find information about the Seadoo RXP jet ski online from sites such as Sea-doo, Boatsales, Boatingmag, Powersports TV and Personal Watercraft.

Where is the TVs racing school?

TVS RACING SCHOOL is a training programme for beginners to learn the basics of track racing .The event will be conducted in mmsc track in chennai.......interested can enroll for 1000 Rs (including lunch)

What are the release dates for RadXSports - 2002 Alpine Ski Racing for Life 6-3?

RadXSports - 2002 Alpine Ski Racing for Life 6-3 was released on: USA: 1 March 2008

Is Jackie Stewart retired?

He has been retired from racing, but he is always in the loop by announcing racing on TV and radio.

What has former professional skier Picabo Street been involved with since retiring from the sport?

Picabo Street was a professional ski racer and gold medalist at the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Japan. She retired from international ski racing in 2002 has since appeared in many television shows Gladiators. She has also endorsed several products including Mountain Dew mineral water and Chap-Stick lip balm.

What are the release dates for Roots of Racing - 2004 TV?

Roots of Racing - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 9 January 2004