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Typically league rules are posted on their website or you can request a copy from the league office. In general leagues try to align their rules with major men's organization rules so NFL, NCAA, etc.

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2012-07-10 17:09:18
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Q: Where can you find rules and regulations for womens tackle football?
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Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

What is rules and regulations of football?


Who sets the rules and regulations in football?

the football association's board

What are the new football rules and regulations for the current year?

Check this site for the latest football rules;

What are the rules regulations and scoring systems in football?

The rules and regulations are overseen by FIFA and the International Football Association Board, and are collectively known as Laws of the Game. The related link lists the rules and expands on each.

Where can you find the official rules and regulations of Pro Football?

Football Rules and RegulationsThe NFL Record and Fact Book has the official rules. Go to this site:Click on the link below.

How do you tackle harder?

you can't.... the NFL has rules against it now. Pretty soon it will be flag football.

What are the similarities between flag football and tackle football?

Well, mostly all the rules are the same, the only difference in the rules are the ones that have to do with contact. Tha whole point is also the same

What are the similarities between American tackle football and world football?

they are both tackle there is the nfl, semi pro, and Canadian football leagues in the Canadian league a lot of players go there if they get into trouble in the nfl. The rules in the different leagues are different

Is touch football and touch rugby the same thing?

No. Touch is touch rugby league is tackle google the rules :)

Can a girl play high school freshman football?

Yes highschool regulations do not have any rules against women playing football.

Is there a list of basketball rules and regulations?

yes there is basketball rules and regulations

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