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The Pool Tables commercial site seems to have the widest array of inexpensive pool tables. Discount Billiards and E Family Fun both also sell some tables for less than $2,000.

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Q: Where can you find a wide range of cheap pool tables?
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Where can I find cheap used pool tables online?

You can buy them at

Where do you find a cheap pool table?

Garage sales are usually the place to go for cheap (and usually used) pool tables. Second-hand shops and flea markets can also have them.

Are Green Leaf pool tables good?

cheap quality chinese made pool table

Where can I buy pool tables that are cheap but look nice?

You can buy pool tables that are cheap on You can also find great deals at and walmart! sells them for $400! It depends on what kind of table you want and what sort of player you are. "Cheap" is a relative term, so you have to determine what your budget is and then research what you can get for that price. Visit showrooms that specialize in billiard tables and speak to a professional salesperson.

Does Walmart sell outdoor pool tables?

While Walmart sells indoor pool tables, they do not sell outdoor pool tables. However they do have indoor/outdoor tennis tables. They also sell covers for their indoor pool tables.

Where can I find good deals on used pool tables in and around Atlanta Georgia?

Craiglist has used pool tables on it and they are usually from private people which in turn are less expensive then the stores.

How many pool tables are there in the Pool Hall in bin weevils?

Bin Weevils is a video game, and playing pool there is not affected by the number of pool tables. However, the general layout is for 8 tables.

Where can one purchase bumper pool tables?

You can purchase Bumper Pool Tables at Sears, Amazon and Target. American Super Sports and Sports Online have Bumper Pool Tables for sale. There are different models of the Bumper Pool Tables at these stores.

Where can someone purchase cool lights to go over pool tables?

The best place, typically, to find cool lights to go over pool tables is at local retailers who sell pool tables. This is because their showroom is usually filled with pool tables for sale and the coordinating accessories that accompany them, such as lights. One can also check online sources such as eBay or Amazon for these lights.

Where might one go to purchase cheap pool tables?

A person can buy a cheap pool table second hand through eBay or Craigslist. Other options are Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target, Amazon, or Sports Authority.

Do they have pool tables in cruise ships?

A lot of cruise ships have pool tables. So that is a "Yes"

Which companies make cheap pool cues?

Action, Athena, Cuetec, Black Widow, and Balabushka are all companies that manufacture cheap pool cues. You can find a full list of cheap pool cues on the oZone Billiards website.

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