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Finding a retail store that sells women's Roxy skis is not a very challenging thing to do at all. One can easily buy women's Roxy skis on the website Skis.

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Q: Where can you buy women's Roxy skis?
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Are there womens skis and mend skis?

yes there are different skis for men and women the difference is the radius

Where can you buy Roxy shoes?

at Roxy but they are slippers

How-to fit womens skis?

Check out the article in the link below with some great videos on all of the different types of skis available. It does a good job explaining what kind of skis to get.

What surfwear company is tied into the womens clothing line Roxy?


Can you buy a radiant Roxy rose?

No you can't buy a Radiant Roxy Rose but this is the code for it when you log in: HOBBIDIDANCE. Enjoy the Radiant Roxy Rose!

Can you buy Roxy over the internet?

There are websites where you can buy Roxy wetsuits. There is a pretty decent variety for both men and women.

Where can you find replacement ski tips for Atomic alpine skis?

usually anywhere you can buy atomic alpine skis

Where is the best place to buy cheap skis and boots?


Where can one buy cross country skis?

I have found that some good websites for buying cross country skis are,,, etc. These are very reputable websites for skis

Where can you buy no zippered Roxy binders?

You can buy no zippered Roxy binders in quite a few different places. Here are some of them: - - Tilly's (it's a store) -

Where can you purchase cheap skis?

You can purchase cheap skis at sites like The-House. They are currently offering 70% off on their products. Another cheap place to buy skis would be Amazon or eBay.

Why did you get a Radiant Roxy Rose when you are not a member and did not buy it?

The code for the Radiant Roxy Rose is available to all members, free or paid.

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