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One can get paintball pistols serviced on eBay and Amazon. Amazon has over a thousand paintball pistols for sale, but eBay has the cheapest pistols on the market.

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Q: Where can someone get paintball pistols serviced?
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How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co2 on a paintball pistol?

Anywhere from 18 to 35 shots is normal on most paintball pistols.

What is the cheapest paintball pistol?

The Piranha USP. Its only $70. most pistols cost over $200.

Does cousins paintball on Staten Island allow two markers?

It is the referee's call. Usually pistols are allowed.

What paintball gun should you buy?

you should get a paint rpg its awsome and laser pistols dont reach that far

Between paintball and CO2 pistols which is the more expensive sport?

I'm going to include paintball rifles in this answer. The cost of paintball rifles can exceed $500, but your question only refers to C02 powerplants. So in this answer paintball generally out cost regular C02 pistols and rifles. Now if you include all power plants like Pump, spring and PCP. (Precharged Pneumatic) air weapons then Pellet pistols out cost Paintball. As for the sport itself, with the cost of protection gear and the cost of gaming in general, then Paintball out cost regular C02 in general. But remember paintball is a competitive sport where teams compete against each other and shoot each other. Pellet shooting is a target and hunting sport, they are two very different sports and really should not be compared. Getting shot with a paintball won't kill you, getting shot with a pellet can kill you.

What caliber is a paintball?

Paintballs ate .68 caliber. Some pistols or specialty guns are .50 or .43 caliber, but they are very uncommon.

Where might someone find paintball guns for sale?

Paintball guns can be found for sale at Paintballs Shop, ANS Gear, Discount Paintball, Action Village, eBay, Total Paintball Gear and Sak World Paintball.

Is it illegal to shoot someone with a paintball gun?

No of course not have you heard of a paintball field you shoot people and have fights.

Is the best beginner paintball gun a paintball pistol?

No. Paintball pistols cost as much, if not more as starter guns. besides that, they have low ball capacity and must change clips after they run out of 10 balls or so. Also they run on 12 gram co2, which is expensive to run as a main marker.

Do paintball pistols need to have c02 air tanks?

They need the small sealed CO2 cartridges, not the screw on tanks. but yes they need Co2 to function.

Can you use any size paintball in any gun?

No. most guns are .68 caliber, however there are some .50 and .43 caliber markers and pistols.

Does the military use simunition or paintball for training?

Actually yes in some cases. Kingman released two new paintball pistols, the Chaser and the Eraser. These have been very popular for hand gun training not only in the military but in law enforcements.

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