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One can purchase softball bats from many retailers online. Newitts have the Louisville Slugger Tee at å£16.14 and the Lousville Genesis on offer at å£40.99. You can purchase the WILKS Big Hitter Maxi on Amazon for å£7.39.

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Q: Where can one purchase a softball bat?
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Where to purchase a softball bat with 1.21 bpf?

Sports Authority, I did verify they have softball bats with 1.21 BPF.

Where might one purchase a DeMarini softball bat?

Aside from the obvious online options such as eBay and Amazon, a DeMarini softball bat can easily be purchased from specialized stores such as "Justbats." and some (but not all) general sporting-goods stores.

Is it safe to hit a baseball with a softball bat?

Softball bats are designed to hit softballs. Hitting a baseball with a softball bat may damage the bat. Either hit a softball or get a baseball bat if you do not want to risk damaging your bat.

Regulations for a softball bat?

You can have any bat out on the market now, but I would wait to purchase a new bat for another year because they will be outlawing composite bats.

What is inside a fastpitch softball bat?

Air. A softball bat is an empty cylinder.

Why would you need a softball bat in combat?

You would need a softball bat in combat if there is no other weapon available. A softball bat is useful in combat because of the length of the bat and the hardness of the bat.

What is the function of a softball bat?

to hit a softball.

How are baseball bats and softball bats different?

The softball bat and the baseball bat weigh diffrent. The adult slow pitch for a softball bat is from 26oz to 30oz while a adults baseball is from 28oz to 31oz. And the length range is diffrent to the softball one is from 33" to 34" the baseball one is 31" to 34".

Is an altered bat is one in which the physical structure of a legal softball bat has been changed?


What is the difference from a baseball bat and a softball bat?

I guess they are more heavier than softball bats

How do you hit a softball?

With a bat

What is an ab in softball?

at bat

Is it safe to hit a softball with a baseball bat?

completely! a softball is less hard than a baseball but a baseball bat will not harm the softball in any way

What should I take to softball?

Most softball players wear long socks, cleats, shorts, and a t shirt. They bring a bat and a softball if one is not provided to them.

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

What is a senior league softball bat?

A softball bat with a barrel over 2 an 1/4 inches in diameter, used by leagues with younger softball players

Where can one purchase softball trading pins?

One can purchase softball trading pins on websites such as Trading Pin House or Amazon. One can also purchase this item on Metro Pins or Lapel Pin Productions.

What is a Louisville Slugger 125 Y bat?

It's a softball bat.

Is stealth a good fastpitch softball bat?

Stealths are a high end softball bat. There are many version of the Stealth. They are expensive bats so when looking to buy one make sure you get one that is the right length and weight for you.

What does 120 mean on a slowpitch softball bat?

The maximum speed in which a softball can come off the bat at in mph. (The bat's composition or structure is designed to limit the speed of the ball off the bat to 120mph)

How much does a softball bat cost?

for a beginners softball bat around $60 (australian) to $90. for better softball bat around $100 - $250 (aus) even better aroun $300 - $400 or for a one used in internation al softball around $600 - $800 or more. Some are really cheap though. I got mine for around 25

What is ab in softball pitching stats?

an at bat

Can a softball damage a baseball bat?

Yes it can

What was the first softball bat made out of?


What will you actually do in softball?

Bat, Feild, and run!