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There are many places one might go to purchase a custom cue stick for pool. The most reputable resource would most likely be one's local sporting goods store.

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Q: Where can one purchase a custom cue stick for pool?
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How do you cue a pool stick?

A cue is a pool stick. You prepare the cue before a match by shaping and scuffing the tip. Then, the cue tip is chalked with pool chalk.

Where can one purchase pool cue cases?

You can purchase pool cue cases online from the Pooldawg website. Alternatively, you can also get pool cue cases online from the Cue and Case website.

What is the difference between pool cue and pool stick?

There is no difference, but the proper name is a pool cue.

Where can I buy a custom pool stick case?

You can find custom pool cue cases at They offer custom inlays with your choice of materials and designs. There are a few online sites I would recommend to buy a custom pool stick case. is an excellent and well- recognized site that sells many brands such as J. Flowers custom cases that run $375.00.

Where can one purchase custom pool cues?

Custom pool cues can be bought off of sites such as eBay. Websites like McDermott are designed to offer dozens of different pool cues. A customized pool cue can also be ordered for a slightly higher price.

What is that thing called to play pool with?

The pool STICK,billiard pool stick or pool cue stick all refer to the stick that is used to play pool with

What is pool stick?

the cue

What is a pool cue?

The stick you use when you hit the ball in pool

What is a cue in pool?

The cue stick is used to strike the balls. The cue ball used by the players to hit the other balls is the white ball. It is the one they hit with the cue stick.

What does the word ''cue'' mean?

"Cue' is a stick used in pool or billiards, or it can mean a prompt on stage.

What is a cue in playing pool?

When playing pool, the cue is the white ball. It is the ball which is hit by the cue stick and used to knock the colored balls into their respective pockets.

In a game of pool what is the colour of the cue ball?

Well the cue ball is suppose to be white but when you hit it many times with the pool stick it starts turning blue from the chalk on your stick.

Who makes the best Cue stick?

For a production cue(not a custom job) it's tough to beat a Viking.

What do you call a pool stick?

It's a Pool Cue

Where can one purchase a cue stick?

There are many different varieties of places available where one can purchase a cue stick. These places include, but are not limited to, Amazon and Ebay.

What sport do you need a cue stick to play?

Snooker or Pool

Are some production pool cues as well made as custom pool cues?

This is a subjective question. For the average player, a well made production cue is certainly as good as a custom cue. However, the player cannot change the handling or feel of the cue, a big difference with a custom cue, which can be designed for exactly the handling, feel, weight distribution, and of course, looks, that the player wants. Most production cues are much more likely to warp and otherwise deteriorate than a custom cue. However, for the difference in price, it simply means the player should take very good care of the production cue, just as if it was a custom cue that could cost 10 times as much.

What to use to play pool?

you have to use a pool stick and 10 or 16 balls counting the cue ball

What is the size of a pool stick?

A pool stick, called a cue, is usually 57 or 58 inches long. They are allowed to be as short as 40 inches, and there is no maximum.

What will happen when a pool stick hits the white pool ball which hits another pool ball?

If the pool stick, or cue, hits the cue ball, the white ball, with any part other than the tip, it is a foul. If the tip strikes the cue ball, it is a shot. After that, the outcome depends on the game, what balls was struck, whether it was a break shot or in-game shot, the proper object ball, and where the bal struck ends up.

Which sport is played on a table with coloured balls and a stick called a cue?

Billiard's or Pool

The term cue is related to which game?

Snooker or pool. It is the stick that you use to hit the ball.

How high do you mount a pool cue rack on the wall?

The average length of a cue stick is around 59 inches. As long as the cue rack is mounted on the wall at 60 inches or more, it will work fine.

Can you fit a snooker tip in a pool cue?

No. The typical snooker cue tips are much smaller than the typical pool cue tips. So, you can fit a pool cue tip to a snooker cue, but not a snooker cue tip on a pool cue.

Do they make pool cue for different size people?

Yes. A regulation pool cue is in any size from 40 inches and up, although most are 58 inches. If someone has specific needs, custom cues are not that expensive to have made.